When you join the American Bladesmith Society, Inc. online, you need to enter the information requested in the spaces below. Enter your first name and if you use a middle initial, please enter it in the space for your first name, and do not use a period, example: "John T". In the space for your last name, enter it and if you use: "Jr", "Phd" or some other suffix, enter it in the last name space with no periods or commas. Example: "Doe", "Doe Jr"

To enter your user name, combine your first and Last names with an underline between the name and any middle initial. The "UserName" is formatted as shown in these examples:



ABS User names include only letters which are separated by underlines and never include numbers, periods, or any other punctuation character.

In the designated space create a strong password and keep it in a secure place. Passwords are case sensitive.

If you reside outside of the United States and wish to receive the ABS Journal, please go to the Store and place an order for the Journal to pay for additional postage costs