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 American Bladesmith Society Information   

                    Telephone: 419-832-0400 



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 ABS Chairman

                   Harvey Dean, Chairman
                    ABS Board of Directors
                    Telephone: 512-429-0009
                    Email   harveydeanknives@gmail.com     


 ABS Office and Membership

                   Cindy Sheely, Office Manager
                    American Bladesmith Society, Inc
                    P.O. Box 160
                    Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522
                    Telephone: 419-832-0400
                    Email cindy@americanbladesmith.com



 Hammer In Events

                 The Contact information for each ABS Hammer-In Director is listed under the Upcoming Events tab.



 "American Bladesmith" Journal of the American Bladesmith Society, Inc.

                   Carolyn Hughes, Editor
                    Telephone: (903) 838-0134
                    Email chughes@cableone.net


 William F. "Bill" Moran Endowment Funds for the American Bladesmith Society, Inc

                     Greg Neely, Board Member
                     Email Gtneely64@comcast.net
                      Jeffrey Harris, Board Member
                       Email Jeffro135@aol.com
                      Bill Wiggins, Treasurer
                      Email wncbill@bellsouth.net              


 Bladesmithing School - Texarkana College

                   Vickie McCorkle, Community Services
                    Texarkana College
                    2500 N.Robison Road
                    Texarkana, Texas 75599
                    Telephone: 903-823-3015
                    Email vickie.mccorkle@texarkanacollege.edu

 Bladesmithing School - Haywood Community College

                   Denise Thomason, Program Manager
                    Haywood Community College
                    185 Freelander Drive
                    Clyde, North Carolina 28721
                    Telephone: 828-565-4242
                    Email  dthomason@haywood.edu


 Bladesmithing School - New England School of Metalwork

                  Dereck Glaser, Executive Director
                    New England School of Metalwork
                    7 Albiston Way
                    Auburn, Maine 04210
                    Telephone: 888-753-7502
                    Email  dglaser@newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com 


Bladesmithing School - SOFA

                     Butch Sheely, ABS Coordinator
                     Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil Bladesmith School
                     Miami County Fairgrounds
                     Troy, Ohio
                     Telephone: 419-308-3471
                     Email: sheelyblades@gmail.com 


Bladesmithing School - The Forge at Ostiches

                     Dirk Bourguignon, School Contact
                     The Forge at Ostiches
                     Ostiches, Belgium 
                     Email bourguignondirk@gmail.com

 Bladesmithing School - Heavin Forge School

                    Kevin and Heather Harvey, Master Smiths   
                    Heavin Forge School
                    Belfast, South Africa    
                    Email heavin@heavinforge.co.za



 Historic Arkansas Museum and ABS Hall of Fame

                    David Etchieson or Bill Worthen, Curators
                    Historic Arkansas Museum
                    200 E. Third Street
                    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
                    Email info@historicarkansas.org


 ABS Website

                   Debra McKee-Bethke




 ABS Forum Administrators/Moderators 

                   Steve Culver, Forum Moderator
                    Email sculver@americanbladesmith.com

                    Brion Tomberlin, Forum Moderator
                    Email anviltopp@aol.com
                    Ed Caffrey, Forum Moderator
                    Email caffreyknives@gmail.com

                    Karl B. Andersen, Forum Moderator
                    Email karl@andersenforge.com

                    Lin Rhea, Forum Moderator
                    Email lwrhea2@windstream.net


ABS Email Newsletter

                    Ed Clarke, Editor
                    Email edclarke@americanbladesmith.com


ABS Twitter and Pinterest

                    Allen Newberry, Administrator
                    Email newberry@americanbladesmith.com