Tools, Jigs, and Materials Tips on tools and supplies   

This section contains articles on Tools, Jigs, and Materials that are useful in bladesmithing. 

These articles are made available for educational purposes and are intended for use by experienced bladesmiths using recognized safety rules, approved safety equipment, and good common sense. Bladesmithing tools and equipment may be dangerous, even deadly, if used improperly or with negligence.



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Tools and Jigs

 "Anvil Stand" by Dan Cassidy, JS


 "Clip Grinding Attachment" by Steve Culver, MS


 "Tire Power Hammer Plans" by Clay Spencer


 "Wilton Square Wheel Grinder - Tricking it Out" by Ed Caffrey, MS


 "Tools for Silver Wire Inlay - ABS YouTube Video" by Joe Keeslar, MS


 "Milling Vises - Selection and Use - ABS YouTube Video" by Dale Schaefer,  Machine/Tool Technology Instructor at the Washburn Institute of Technology


 " Leveling Table Jig - ABS YouTube Video" - by Hanford Miller, MS