Master Class Bladesmithing Techniques

   The Master Class features articles and YouTube videos by American Bladesmith Society Master Smiths and Journeyman Smiths on bladesmithing techniques and methods of work. These articles are made available for educational purposes and are intended for use by experienced bladesmiths using recognized safety rules, approved safety equipment, and good common sense. Bladesmithing tools and equipment may be dangerous, even deadly, if used improperly or with negligence.  



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Jack Fuller, MS forging


 "Forging the Drop Point Hunter" by Jim Crowell, MS


 "Forging a Hunter Demonstration"  at Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-In by Greg Neely, MS


 "Introduction to Bladesmithing" by Jim Saviano, MS



 Damascus Steel

JW Randall,MS and Shane Taylor,MS Damsacus

 "Damascus Steel" by Don Fogg, MS


 "Materials for Making Damascus Steel" by Ed Caffrey, MS


 "The Making of a Damascus Steel Knife" by ABS




Heat Treating

Heat Treating Banner


 "Heat Treating" by Bill Moran, MS


 "Salt Baths" by Kevin Cashen, MS


 "Heat Treating with Salt Tanks" by Dan Petersen, MS 


 "Quenching" by Kevin Cashen, MS


 "Heat Treating" by Jerry Fisk, MS


 "The Ups and Downs of Austenite" by Kevin Cashen, MS


 "Everything You Wanted to Know About Martensite..." by Kevin Cashen, MS



Handles and Guards

Handles and Guards Banner 


 "Frame Handles" by JR Cook, MS 


 "Selecting and Making the Guard" by Joe Keeslar, MS


 "Installing a Guard and Mortised Handle" by Lin Rhea, MS


 "Making a Shaped Damascus Guard for a Dog Bone Bowie" by John White, MS 


 "Precision Guard Fitting and Design Using Paper Patterns" By Steve Culver, MS


 "Jigging and Shaping Knife Handle Scales - YouTube Video" By Steve Dunn, Master Smith




Jim Crowell, Master Smith



 "The Art of Silver Wire Inlay" by Jay Henderickson, MS 


 "Silver Wire Inlay" by Joe Keeslar, MS


 "Engraving Transfer Method" by Steve Culver, MS




Daggers Banner- Fogg and Cashen, Master Smiths


 "Making a Guard for a Quillon Dagger - YouTube video" by Bill Moran, MS

 "Making Daggers" Slide Show by Kevin Cashen, MS 


 "Making Daggers" by Don Fogg, MS


 "The Quillon Dagger - 2013 Board Knife of the Year" - YouTube video by Kevin Cashen, MS



 Knife Design and Construction 


Knife Design Banner  


 "Knife Construction and Design" by Jerry Fisk, MS


 "Knife Design Concepts" by Dan Petersen, MS


 "Making an Integral Knife" by Ray Kirk, MS


 "Building a Slip Joint Folder" Part 1 of 2 by Steve Culver, MS


 "Building a Slip Joint Folder" Part 2 of 2 by Steve Culver, MS


 "Planning and Designing the 2010 JS Knife of the Year- Part 1 of 2" by Brian Thie, JS


 "Planning and Designing the 2010 JS Knife of the Year- Part 2 of 2" by  Brian Thie, JS


 "Slide Show - Knife Design Concepts" by Dan Petersen, MS



Tomahawks - Pipe Hawks - Pipe Axes, and more

Hawk Banner- Dan Winkler, MS and Jack Fuller, MS



 "Making a Pipe Axe from a Gun Barrel" by Forest "Butch" Sheely, JS


 "Forging a Tomahawk" by Jack Fuller, MS


 "Forging a Polled Tomahawk" by Forest "Butch" Sheely, JS