La forge d'Ostiches School

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La Forge at Ostiches, Beligium

The American Bladesmith Society is proud to announce the scheduling of  ABS approved bladesmithing classes at The Forge at Ostiches, Belgium. The first class “Introduction to Bladesmithing" was offered in October 2013.  ABS Master Smith Jean-Paul Thevenot of Dijon, France, is the primary instructor, assisted by Dirk Bourguignon and Frederic Taquet of Belgium. 


The school site is located in a beautiful Belgian village just south of Brussels. Accommodations for students are within 2 to 3 miles from the school. Here is a chance to combine a wonderful vacation in Belgium and a class in the art of the forged blade at the same time.  


A Bladesmithing class is offered every Wednesday and Damascus is offered every Saturday morning. A Hamamer-In is held in May with knifemakers attending from all over Europe and the US.  An Introduction class will be held for 2 weeks in October. Exact dates and times have not yet been decided.

For Information on dates, tuition, and accommodations please contact:

Dirk Bourguignon