Our Purpose The Purpose of the American Bladesmith Society

The American Bladesmith Society, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation to operate for educational, scientific, and charitable purposes. The American Bladesmith Society was formed primarily to encourage and promote activities involving the art and science of forging metal, particularly tools, weapons, and art forms. The objectives of the educational programs of the American Bladesmith Society are to inform and educate knife makers and the public about the art, science, technology, history, and culture relating to forged edged tools, weapons, and artifacts, and the proper care and use of these objects.


The original Board of Directors for the American Bladesmith Society was: William F. Moran, JR , Bill Bagwell, Don Hastings, and B.R. Hughes. 



 William F. Moran, JR






Moran Anvil at Texarkana