California Hammer-In

October 24, 25 and 26, 2014 




Offered by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc.


 Location: College of the Sequoias

                   13081 East Bardsley Ave.

                    Tulare, California



 Mike Vagnino at 559-636-0501 or email 


Event Flyer:

To Download Click: 2014 California Hammer-in Flyer.pdf



 Registration fee:

     Pre-Register and pay the $65 Registration fee online in the ABS Store before the event, Click: California Hammer-In Registration

     or contact  Cindy Sheely, ABS Office Manager at or (419) 832-0400

     The registration fee at the event is $75 so please pre-register.



Message and Event Information from Michael Vagnino, MS and Hammer-In Director

Hi all. Don't know where the time goes but here we are again, getting ready for this October’s ABS Hammer-in. As mentioned at the last hammer-in, I made sure to schedule this year’s event on the weekend opposite of the car races. Hopefully the availability of hotel rooms in Tulare should be better (and hopefully cheaper than last year). So here’s the scoop:

Dates: Friday-Oct 24 thru Sunday-Oct 26
Location: COS Tulare College Center, 4999 East Bardsley Avenue
, Tulare, California

Featured Demonstrator: Jason Knight, MS – North Carolina
Demonstration: Bowie Fighter
Jason will be taking you through the steps of making a Bowie Fighter from start to finish, including design, forging the blade, fitting the guard, etc.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Jason’s work, but if not, Google his name and you will find photos of his work and videos of Jason at work. Jason is a true craftsman of the forged blade. His knives are flawless in their construction and his designs are always clean, well thought out, and will bear out to be timeless.

Demonstrator: Jon Christensen, MS - Montana
Demonstration: Carving Handles

Jon’s sense of design is quite unique and very beautiful. Check out his Facebook page and website for examples of his carved handles and sheaths. 
Some of the photos he has posted show the process/progression.

Demonstrator: Eric Fleming - California
Demonstration: Building Forge Controls
I have seen videos of this demo and Eric does an outstanding job conveying how simple building gas controls for the forge really is.

Demonstrator: Steve Koster, JS - California
Demonstration: Tip and Throat Sheath
Steve will be showing the process he uses to make a Tip and Throat Sheath. 
Most of you have seen Steve’s work and know his attention to detail, but if you aren’t familiar with Steve’s knives, check out this award winner from the ABS Knife Expo (where you know he had some stiff competition): 

Demonstrator: David Mirable, JS - Alaska
Demonstration: Green Coal
Dave is our Alaska contingent and will be back for Green Coal. For those of you who don’t know what Green Coal is, it’s a hands-on area to learn how to forge a blade. Dave will be there to teach forging techniques. If you would like to participate, be sure to bring proper safety equipment such as gloves, ear protectors and safety glasses. David always makes pounding on steel a fun and educational experience.

Demonstrator: John Powers - California
Demonstration: Knife Sharpening
John is a professional sharpener in the LA area. He started his knife sharpening business, Sharper Edge, in 2006. I think it’s always a good idea to see one more way of doing the same task, especially from someone who does it every day. I’m looking forward to this demo.

Demonstrator: Bill Stuart - California
Mini-class: Mokume
Bill did a Mokume demo last year. For those of you who would like to make their own, Bill will be holding a mini-class. The class will be limited to 4 participants and cost is $60 which include materials. We're estimating 4-6 hours depending on the skill level of the students and we'll probably break it up into 2 sessions. If you have an interest in participating in the mini-class, please let us know now, as it will be first come, first serve.

Knife show:
Tom Ferry, Ray Laconico and I will be putting our energy into growing the Saturday knife show, so plan on bringing your best work to show off.

We will be putting a tentative demonstration time schedule out as we get closer to the event. Also, we will be sending a flyer with locator map, hotel info, etc. In the meanwhile, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Take care,
Michael Vagnino

559 827 7802